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fund DEVELOPMENT and charitable giving

No matter how vital a mission may be, it takes ever-increasing resources to effectively accomplish your goals. We have amassed a broad range of fund development services to help organizations maximize their financial results, hone their fundraising skills and institute practices for both short and long term effectiveness. We can assist with campaigns to fulfill specific funding needs or create ongoing fund development strategies for the day-to-day operations of keeping the lights on and services flowing.

Board Governance

There is a direct correlation between how effectively a board governs and how successfully a nonprofit advances its mission. However, often board members do not truly understand their roles and thus are not fully engaged in their board duties of fiduciary oversight, policy setting, fundraising, and advocacy. Frequently board members are also unaware of their legal obligations and liabilities. Consequently, from the perspective of both opportunity and risk, board development is essential to the welfare of an organization. We provide a wide scope of board education, training and enhancement services.

Financial Practices & fiscal management

 It is critical that nonprofit organizations are fiscally responsible and principled stewards of their resources. They must maintain sound business practices that are ethical and transparent. To help you ensure the financial health, viability and transparency of your organization we provide a wide scope of nonprofit financial services. Our services are centered upon the belief that NPOs must always provide their donors and constituents strong fiduciary oversight and transparency.

strategic and business planning

Having a vision for the future is essential to the vibrancy and sustainability of an organization. However, a vision is more a compass, not a roadmap. Success depends on creating and adhering to a roadmap that continually moves your organization forward toward the vision and ensures the leadership necessary to implement and pursue the plan. Our Strategic and Business Planning approach will help you craft a vision that inspires and challenges your staff, board members and volunteers to contribute all that they can toward the realization of the vision. Collectively we will then design a practical and dynamic strategic plan with realistic objectives, plainly defined action plans, multi-year projections of income and expense and timelines with clearly identified and assigned accountability. A significant key to our success is that we stay the course with you; providing regular touch points to ensure you remain true to your mission, execute your strategy, pivot when required and continually stay forward focused.

organizational assessment & development

From NPO start-ups to NPO tune-ups we will meet you where you are at. We will work with you through a collaborative and systematic approach to assess your organization’s position and needs; clarify your strengths and vulnerabilities; and develop a concise and achievable strategic guide for your board and staff in planning for organizational strength, expansion and sustainability. We can help you realistically examine your vision and assess your capacity for bringing your goals to fruition. We believe the needs of every organization and board are unique; consequently, we will customize our services to ensure we provide the guidance and tools you need in order to develop, implement, evaluate and maintain Best Practices for all areas of nonprofit operations.

leadership development & coaching

Even the most tested of leaders benefit from the clarity and insight of a seasoned guide from time to time. We work with Executives, Directors, Managers and others to enhance confidence, clarity and resilience; and to resolve short and long-term challenges these leaders are encountering. Using a strength-based, self-directed, inquiry and solutions centered approach we help veteran and emerging leaders explore their thinking and consider it from a new perspective. This coaching process facilitates powerful insights, new understanding and the momentum to define and pursue your desired path.

succession planning & executive transition

A critical, but often overlooked, key to nonprofit sustainability is effective succession planning. However, according to research conducted by BoardSource, only 27% of nonprofits actually have a succession plan in place. Whether a transition occurs due to an unexpected vacancy on the staff or Board or the anticipated departure of a long-tenured leader, we will work with you to develop a strategic road map that supports a smooth and thoughtful change in leadership and best positions you to weather the inevitable challenges of leadership transition.

team building

A strong and cohesive team can truly move mountains. Our goal is to motivate each team member – staff, Board, volunteers - to make a contribution to the team's objectives, while building their leadership skills and capacity. We facilitate team learning by working with team dynamics, identifying and addressing obstacles, and instilling discipline and accountability. The goal of Team Building is to cultivate a systems outlook that encourages big picture thinking and accelerates and optimizes organizational results.