The mission of Dragonfly Nonprofit Solutions is to promote the strength, effectiveness and sustainability of nonprofit organizations by providing support, guidance and tools to enable them to thrive, excel and flourish.

Core Values

Respect – At Dragonfly we are committed to providing a welcoming and accepting climate where clients feel recognized, vital and honored. In creating this environment we believe that respect must be at its nucleus. At Dragonfly we respect the inherent worth and dignity of each person and strive to treat all individuals with equity and compassion. We honor the lives, concerns and stories of our clients and organizations and honor their distinctiveness. We encourage diversity of thoughts, ideas, solutions, and creativity. We strive to celebrate differences and search always for the common ground.

Service – At Dragonfly service is the fundamental cornerstone of all our practices. We strive to serve with excellence, integrity, professionalism and responsiveness to meet the needs of our clients and organizations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We honor our history, experience and solid foundation while fully realizing that we will never be too large, too accomplished or too complete to develop greater skill, to seek innovative answers, or to open new doors.

Stewardship and Accountability – At Dragonfly we keep faith with our clients’ and communities’ trust through our efficient, conscientious and honest use of the resources entrusted to us. We act with integrity, honesty and openness and vigilantly fulfill our commitments. We are fair in our interactions and never discriminate based on race, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local law. We act within the spirit of our agreements, contracts and the law. We are dedicated to being ethically and fiscally responsible, being principled stewards of our resources and to maintaining sound business practices that are ethical and transparent.

Our Commitment

We have walked your walk and thoroughly understand the challenges. We embrace and celebrate your strengths, assets and tenacity and will always meet you from a place of respect. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standard and staunchly serve with excellence. We are committed to the growth and success of your organization and will provide purposeful and collaborative interaction. We will bring both proven strategies and innovative techniques. We will bring a conviction that though the work is challenging it can still be loads of fun. We will listen, observe, dig down deep to create and equip you with the tools, learning and action plans that facilitate your ability to reach your goals.